nithar & Partners: Communication and Integration

In each relationship we make, in our social or work life, is this solid bond that ties us to each other, makes us flourish together, and gets stronger over time. Business relationships tend to be more sensitive since they have to be win-win relationships kept within bounds, not going too far.

5000 years ago, when businesses and trade markets started to take their shape and steadily develop keeping pace with people’s way of living; the time when merchants were part of communities fulfilling people’s needs – that was the time when the relationship between the seller and the buyer brought into being.

The notion of “buyer-seller relationship” developed, sciences occurred and insights arose until “customer service”, a term coined at the beginning of the industrial revolution, started carving its own niche and becoming the focal point between the institution and its customers.

In Nithar, we developed a distinct vision for our customer relations, going way beyond its narrow definition. We believed in partnership rather than relationship; we believed in the partner to reflect the strength and durability of our bond and work. We believe that our work is simply a long-term partnership that thrives on collaboration, integration, and constructive communication to achieve the desired goals of the partners, according to set plans.

At Nithar, we introduce ourselves to stakeholders as a reliable local partner who understands and senses all aspects of marketing, communication, and social life in Saudi Arabia. We believe in the power of partnership in delivering successful creative projects. Therefore, we are always keen to build strong ties with our partners and form a long-lasting strategic partnership by conforming to the highest quality standards in all our outputs, fulfilling their expectations, and granting them the all-inclusive experience they seek.

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